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Addiction is not limited to drinking and smoking. Eating can be addiction too. Things go bizarre when someone falls into addiction of eating something that no one should eat! Here we have listed down some of the most bizarre eating addictions:

10. Addicted to Eating mud, rocks and BRICKS

Bizarre Eating Addictions
Pakkirappa Hunagundi has been eating the brick, gravel and mud of Karnataka, India for years. This, one of the most bizarre eating addictions is thought to be a form of Pica, an illness which gives sufferers an appetite for substances without any nutritional value.
Sporting a full set of normal-looking teeth, Mr. Hunagundi blasts any suggestion he should curb the addiction. He said: ‘I have been eating bricks and rocks for around 20 years now. I love eating them. It has become a part of my life. I started at the age of 10. Now it feels like a necessity to me. I can skip meals, but not bricks or mud. I have suffered no side effects. My teeth are absolutely fine. I can bite into the hardest stone without a problem.’
His mother has spent 20 years trying to dissuade her son from eating away parts of their house and village. But Mr. Hunagundi says the building material tastes ‘A1’ – an Indian term for the best. Branding it better than ‘divine nectar’, he says it is best served with a glass of water.
He said: ‘Other than bricks, mud and stones, I don’t like anything else. Even if you offer me divine nectar, I won’t take it. My mother says don’t eat all this. She keeps insisting, but even if she gives me chicken fry, I don’t eat it. I don’t like that at all. I need mud and bricks to eat. I can’t help my own habit.’
Mr. Hunagundi, who works as a laborer in his village and struggles to make ends meet, now intends to travel the country to showcase his act. He said: ‘My father died four years ago. I have to take care of my mother. We don’t have any income. So I want to make use of my talent. I want to show people what I can do. I want to earn some money.’

9. My Strange Addiction – Eating Deodorant

A teenager has revealed that she has what must be one of the most bizarre eating addictions on the planet… she can’t stop eating sticks of deodorant. Nicole, 19, from New York, says she enjoyed the taste as a toddler but then became obsessed with eating it. Since then she has eaten on average half a stick a day – the equivalent of 15 full sticks a month. He says her craving gives her a dry mouth and stomach cramps as a result – so has taken to sometimes spraying deodorant on her tongue instead.
Nicole said: ‘My brain tells me, “you have to eat it”. I tried giving it up for a week but got really sick and had bad headaches.’ She added: ‘When I realize I’m out of deodorant I panic. My anxiety goes crazy and I get really aggravated. ‘Without it, I’d be a totally different person.’
Although deodorant sticks are mainly made from waxes and oil, a main ingredient is aluminum which can cause dementia, seizures or even death. Nicole’s boyfriend and friend Zhakia became concerned for her health and finally convinced her to see a doctor who confirmed she is risking her health. She has since cut down and tries to eat almonds when she gets a craving but is still eating a small amount of deodorant every day. ‘It’s really soft. It feels like it melts in my mouth,’ she explained. ‘Deodorant really has a unique taste of its own.’ 

8. Eating Tapes

Meet Andrea from Marietta in Georgia, America, the woman so addicted to eating sellotape that she nibbles her way through 6,000ft of tape every month. The 23-year-old’s addiction which is among the most bizarre eating addictions began nine years ago and has progressively worsened. ‘The first time that ate tape was when I was out of gum, and there was tape ‘I took a piece, chewed it, and I have been chewing tape ever since,’ she said.
She now eats about three rolls of sellotape every day, whether it’s whilst watching TV or when chatting on the phone to friends, Andrea is hooked. Andrea carries round a sellotape holder with her so she can get her fix at all times. Speaking to the camera she demonstrates how she eats the tape. She said: ‘I usually take about this much of tape (around four centimeters) and I just put it in my mouth and start chewing.
‘It’s just sticky when I first put it in my mouth. It has more of a chemical type taste to it. Sometimes it tastes like glue. I usually chew it for about 30 seconds. That piece will eventually dissolve, break-up. I swallow pieces of it, and I just put in another piece of tape,’ she said. 

7. Eating Tires

From fizzy drinks to chocolate we all have our vices, but 19-year-old Allison has taken hers to another level – with cravings for rubber shavings. For the past six years Allison from Atlanta, Georgia, has chewed down on rubber car tires as her favorite daily snack. Allison explained it was the chewiness she finds so appealing: ‘The texture of the rubber pieces is like beef jerky. It’s a work out for your jaw’
She keeps little shavings bowls around her house for snacking whenever she gets the urge. Although she is not worried about the chemicals in the rubber, she does make sure the tires have been washed. When she was a child she used to chew on the feet of her dolls, but when she tired of that she moved onto chewing gum.
One day she tried tire shavings instead, attracted by their potential chewiness, and has never looked back. It’s one of the most bizarre eating addictions ever. Now she consumes two feet of shavings a day, a total of 50 full tires since her addiction began. Allison said: ‘It does taste chemically but it’s amazing.’ If she cannot get her hands on tire shavings, Allison eats rubber bands or rubber glue as a substitute.
As much as she loves her rubber, she does admit that it gives her regular digestion trouble. Her fiancé Sammy, who works in a tire factory, was so concerned about her addiction he pleaded with her to see a doctor. When Allison eventually underwent several x-rays to make sure there was no permanent damage to her stomach, which were all clear. However, the doctor told her that there is still a chance she could get cancer from all the chemicals she is ingesting every day. Since then Allison has cut down, but is still struggling to quit her addiction completely. 

6. Addicted to Eating Clay Mask

Natasha, 40, from Rialto, California, has consumed more than half-a-ton of the clay powder, traditionally used for facial masks over the past seven years, to satisfy her craving for the taste of rocks and earth. In an episode of TLC’s My Strange Addiction, she explains: ‘It tastes wonderful, like wet rocks and it always comforts me… I kind of go into a zone and savor that flavor of earthiness.’ ‘It’s the smell that I get; it’s the texture of it in my mouth. It’s the grittiness that turns into the smoothness,’ she said.
She consumes up to a jar of clay a day, replaces meals with it and sometimes uses it as a dip accompanied by a bowl of chips, Dr Tiffanies Davis Henry described Natasha’s unusual eating habit as ‘alarming’ and ranks it among the most bizarre eating addictions. Explaining the negative impact the clay could have on her stomach, she said: ‘We’re talking about something that can settle there and just get stuck.’
Natasha said that the clay fills her up so she doesn’t have to eat, but Dr Henry argued that the full-feeling she experiences is the result of ‘gunk just sitting in your gut.’ She suggested that the condition could be cultural or rooted in a chemical imbalance. ‘Individuals that suffer from what we call geophogy, which is eating things like soil or dirt, sometimes it’s actually cultural,’ she revealed. Natasha said that she has also seen people shake their head at her when she has consumed the clay powder in public, which made her feel ‘so strange.’ She is now working on her compulsion with the help of Dr Diane Puchbauer, Psy.D, a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist.

5. Glass Eating

Bizarre Eating Addictions
A stand-up comedian josh was reading a book when he came across glass eating. He was scared at first but then it didn’t seem him doing any damage and it became lot easier for josh to eat glasses. He’s consumed more than 250 light bulbs and 100 glasses. When His fiancée Natalie saw him eating glass she thought that it was fake but then she was scared and upset. She also tried to convince him to stop eating glasses because its among the most bizarre eating addictions she’s ever seen. He has cut his lips many times and had piece of glass in his mouth. He loves the reaction he get from people so he eat glass at parties, bars and friend get together and rarely do it when he is alone. He confesses that more than anything he is addicted to the attention more than anything. 

4. Dry Wall Eating

In one of the most bizarre eating addictions ever, 26 year old Detroit woman Nicole has been addicted to eating dry wall for over seven years. It started innocently with a bite of chalk and switched to dry wall because drywall tests better than chalk to her. Nicola injects drywall up to six times a day and about three square feet of drywall a week that’s over 1000 square feet in seven years. She’s been eating drywall from her house, her grandma’s house and even friend’s house Too.

3. Addicted to Eating Plastic Bag

23 year old Robert is addicted to eating plastic bag. He has consumed over 60,000 plastic bags and even steals them from supermarkets to satisfy his carvings. His day starts with eating his favorite news paper plastic bag specially blue ones are his favorite But for Robert’s fiancée Ashley plastic eating thing is little weird and asked him to stop for time of wedding .The final straw for Ashley comes when the couple go to taste wedding cake – and Robert refuses to eat any because he’s so full from eating plastic.
Later on he complains he has stomach ache – so he reluctantly agrees to see a doctor. Even though eating plastic can cause liver damage and intestinal blockages, Robert’s tests come back OK and he promises to Ashley he will try to cut back on eating plastic which is among the most bizarre eating addictions on our planet.

2. Eating Household Cleaner

Crystal has been eating cleanser for more than 30 years. She eats it up to ten times a day. She was abused as a young girl and she started eating the cleanser shortly after it. In TLC “My strange addiction” interview she said that she was cleaning with cleanser and she started to smell it and it would actually make her mouth water.  The very first time she tested it immediately after wards she was totally freaked out and frightened. She likes its grainy sand like texture and its test. She found it something satisfying.
Her addiction destroyed her teeth. The program’s producers asked dentist to evaluate the damage commit cleanser had made to crystal’s teeth the dentist reported that she had lot of decay and she actually saw commit cleanser in her remaining teethes. Dentist spends months working to restore crystal’s teeth providing more than $20000 in dental work for free.

1. Woman Addicted To Toilet Paper

34 year old Kesha from Chicago has been eating up to half a roll of toilet paper a day since the 6th grade. She can eat up to half a roll of double roll two-ply in a single day. She carries it with her in her purse and also keeps a role in her car so it’s easy to reach and she can eat it while driving car. According to her a good place people don’t pay attention to you eating toilet paper is the movie theater because it’s dark in there and you can sneak couple of tissues with no one to noticing. For her mother something is really wrong with her daughter watching TV and eating tissues, her sister Jenny also tried to convince her how eating tissues can affect her but failed.

10 Unbelievably Bizarre Eating Addictions

  1. Eating Toilet Paper
  2. Eating Household Cleaner
  3. Plastic Eating
  4. Dry Wall Eating
  5. Glass Eating
  6. Clay Mask Eating
  7. Eating Tires
  8. Eating Tapes
  9. Eating Deodorant
  10. Eating Mud Rocks and Building Blocks

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